The land is 37.5 acres, located about 95 miles from Louisville in Grayson county. Grayson County was settled in the late 1700s. Among the early landowners was George Washington, who purchased 5,000 acres on the southern shore of Rough River from Henry Lee in 1788. Grayson County became the fifty-fourth county of Kentucky when it was formed on January 25th 1810.  The elevation on the land varies from 590 ft to 720 ft with the house at 685 ft. According to a neighbor the old house on the land is over 200 years old. The land is mostly wooded with about five acres that are cleared. Annual rainfall is 52 inches. We have an underground spring where water just comes out of the side of a hill, pretty cool. The old farm house sits in the center of the clearing, with a small old barn behind the house. The newest addition to the land is an outhouse that sits between the house and barn. The wildlife includes lots of whitetail deer ,wild turkey, groundhogs, racoons, birds and more. The property was used as hunting property by at least the last two owners. The varity of  trees, plants and wildflowers is just incredible.